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A Guide to the BS3632 Standard

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When discussing park homes, you may have heard the term BS3632 standard. Manufacturing standards are key to regulating safety and production quality but what is the BS3632 standard and how does it impact you? Find out below.


What is the BS3632 standard?

BS3632 is the standard to which residential park homes are built. It is also the standard to which some lodges are built. The current standard was updated in November 2015 and has a very strong focus on improving energy efficiency and reducing the environmental footprint of existing residential park homes. This is in addition to dictating the requirements and specifications for park home materials and construction.




Why is the BS3632 standard important?

The BS3632 standard specifies the minimum specification for residential park homes in terms of ventilation, thermal insulation, stability once sited, room sizes, etc. Without this standard being the baseline for residential park home manufacturers, some manufacturers would use building regulations, which are not best-suited for the environment or product.

BS3632 sets the benchmark for features of residential parks home such as the design, accommodation features, dimensions, fixtures and structure. By monitoring this standard and ensuring all components and features are built to specification, the final product is a livable, secure and stable residential park home.



What were the main updates in BS3632:2015? 

While the BS3632 standard has been governing the way residential homes (in one shape or another) are built since the 1960s, the 2015 update took a big step in considering energy efficiency and new technologies. This updated standard supersedes BS3632:2005, which ensured that park homes were suitable for permanent residential use. The 2015 edition is designed to help manufacturers produce more energy-efficient homes that will cost less to run and be more comfortable to live in.

Manufacturers will now produce more energy-efficient homes to follow the new grading system that features in the 2015 update with a new heat loss parameter. This includes upgrades to window and door U-values, improved ventilation and energy-friendly lighting.




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