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Technology is constantly evolving and wading through all the latest gadgets and fads can seem overwhelming and even make you feel out of touch. Technological devices are extremely beneficial for all ages and knowing how to use specific technologies can make a lot of tasks easier and open up new opportunities.

From accessing information to improving shopping experiences and staying in touch with family/friends, the right tech can be a big help—especially during this difficult time when we can all feel distant and amenities aren’t as easy to access. We know you can get online because you’re here right now but are you making the most of your tech? To give you a small boost, we’ve laid out our top five technology tips below!


1) Digital skills for essential tasks

At this time, we’re all advised to stay home where possible but there are still things that we need to get done. One of these things is banking, whether it’s withdrawing money or managing accounts. So if you’re a vulnerable individual or are finding that your local branch access is limited, you can sort your banking online.

Most banks are proactively working to ensure people have all the support they need, whether that’s allowing third person parties to access accounts for their relatives or working with companies to make their online services easier to understand.

To use online banking, you’ll have to log on to the internet with a computer, smartphone or tablet and then connect to a secure website or the App. Some banks are even teaming up with a company called We Are Digital to provide digital skills and training to help make the process easier!


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2) Stay connected with a Facebook Portal

No matter how cool, useful or advanced a piece of technology may seem, it’s just no good if you’re not tech-savvy. There are lots of accessible devices on the market but one that we recommend is the Facebook Portal. Facebook Portal is very down-to-earth and will help you stay in touch with family and friends.

The Facebook Portal isn’t full of frills so you don’t have to wade through things you don’t want. All you need are basic social media apps such as Facebook Messenger, Skype or WhatsApp and everything is right at your fingertips….or at the command of your voice (a very cool feature).

The screen is crisp and clear and this device is designed to be suited to your needs. Simple interface, easy contact features…everything you need to see your family and friends virtually. It’s not even difficult to set up and comes with a simple set-up support card with clear instructions.



3) Mobile phones can maintain your independence

There are lots of benefits to mobile technology that you should be open to embracing. Not only can you keep in contact with your family and friends in a lot of different ways but you’ve got a whole world at your fingertips.

Smartphones shouldn’t be feared either and you can purchase many on completely manageable pay-as-you-go or contracted prices. A family member may even have an old one they don’t use anymore!

Smartphones also let you shop from your home for food or other items. Do you need to send a birthday present to your son for his birthday? Order it online straight to their address! Want to send a card to a friend? Pick one on your phone and get it delivered to their door. At a time when nothing seems simple, a smartphone can help you keep in touch and get your essential items—even medications!


4) Combat loneliness online

No one wants to feel alone and social isolation can definitely instil a strong feeling of loneliness. The internet isn’t just for the basics and the online world and social applications can help restore that sense of community and closeness.

Try accessing blogs and online articles about things you enjoy or discover more about things you never knew about. Maybe download some gaming apps and play games like scrabble or brain-training solutions—some of which you’ll be able to play with your family if they have the same app!

Technology really does reduce feelings of social isolation and lets you connect with the things and people that you love. How do you feel about funny cat videos on YouTube…?



smart technology for older people


5) Invest in a smart speaker

Smart speakers are a really beneficial device to have in your home. Smart speakers such as the Amazon Echo or Google Home can improve your day to day in a lot of ways. You can set reminders for your shopping list or even set time prompts for your medication.

You can even ask your smart speaker questions! Can’t remember the name of an actor from a certain movie? Just ask your device. Want to know the weather for the day? Ask your device. If you really want to go all out, you can even set up your home to be compatible with your smart speaker so you can control lights or heating with voice commands.



Don’t be reluctant to explore the possibilities of technological devices, especially during difficult times such as the ones we find ourselves in currently. Use technology to help you stay in touch with the things that matter and use all its advantage to benefit you!