Buy your park home with confidence

Do you want to buy your brand-new park home with speed, convenience, and certainty? If you buy your park home through Berkeleyparks, our experienced team can help you close the deal quickly and efficiently whilst avoiding uncertainty and the cost hurdles of the open market. Read on to understand how to buy your Park Home with confidence.

Why take advantage of a property part-exchange scheme? 

Selling your current home and making the switch to a perfect pitch on a residential park can seem daunting but you shouldn’t let the potential problems of the moving process put you off – especially when Berkeleyparks have a help-to-move scheme in place that supports your best interests.

The residential park home lifestyle is a way of life that’s attracting more interest year after year, and the quiet and peaceful park locations help residents escape the hubbub of everyday life while still offering convenience, accessibility and a sense of strong community.

With such an idyllic future waiting for you, we want to help keep the process smooth and that’s exactly why you should take advantage of our help-to-move support.

What is the help-to-move process?

Below is a comprehensive breakdown of the process outline to help provide a better understanding of how we can make buying and moving into your park home easier using the property part-exchange (help-to-move) process.

Step One: Complete Application – Simply tell us about your existing property so we can get a better idea of your situation and needs.

Step Two: Valuation and Research – Two local estate agents will value your property. This removes the hassle of multiple viewings and dealing with lots of parties. A desktop valuation will also be carried out.

Step Three: Formal Offer – Following the research and valuation, a formal offer will be made that includes an outline of timescales for your move.

Step Four: Survey and Solicitors – Solicitors carry out the property survey and create a Homebuyers Report. A Homebuyers Report, also known as a Homebuyers Survey, will give you expert advice on the condition of a property.

Step Five: Completion – Funds from the sale are transferred to your bank account on your preferred date.

Step Six: Moving – A license to occupy is even granted, so you can move out at your leisure (up to 2 weeks)! Say hello to your new park home.
move into a park home

What are the advantages of this process? 

Speed – All fund transfers from the sale of your existing property can be arranged to suit your deadlines, whether you need to complete right away or can wait until your new home is ready. This makes it stress-free for your convenience.

Certainty – After receiving a formal offer, the sale is secured (only subject to survey outcome).

Ease – You can remove worry and uncertainty with part exchange. The open market is full of negotiation concerns and worries about sales falling through but our system helps to decrease these pitfalls.

Flexibility – We work around YOU to make moving to a residential park stress-free. After all, that’s what it’s all about.

Supportive – You will be supported through every step of the process by a dedicated team member that you can consult with whenever you have questions or concerns.

Easy Budgeting – For both your new home and the sale of your existing property, you’ll have price certainty.

Choose Berkeleyparks for your dream park home

Enhance the next step of your life at a residential park owned by Berkeleyparks. We believe in offering our residents a beautiful way of life and that starts from the very beginning when you decide to settle on one of our parks.

Buy with speed, confidence and efficiency. Live with assurance, comfort and convenience. Buy your Park Home with confidence, only with Berkeleyparks.


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