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The time has come for us to show off some of our amazing residential parks! To help you create your dream home on a residential park, we have arranged three contactless park open days throughout September and October. At these open days, we’ll be showcasing our popular Cauldron Barn Farm, Penton, and New residential parks.

The open days are by appointment only and will follow our contactless park viewing rules (found below).

When are the contactless open days?

Cauldron Barn Farm Park – 26th September 2020, 10am – 4pm
Penton Park – 3rd October 2020, 10am – 4pm
New Park – 17th October 2020, 10am – 4pm

How we conduct our contactless viewings:

  • Social distancing requirements will be adhered to during the visit.
  • Park managers will adhere to government guidelines at all times.
  • Our park manager will unlock the home’s doors but will stay outside during the viewing.
  • Gloves and overshoes will be provided to the visitors.
  • All viewings will be spaced out and homes thoroughly cleaned between viewings.
  • Please refrain from touching any handles and surfaces as much as possible.

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