Over 60 years of park home experience

A Berkeleyparks home gives you real room for living

Berkeleyparks have been developing park home living since 1955. Wherever you live, most parks have countryside on your doorstep and amenities like shops and buses close at hand. You will love the way a Berkeleyparks home is so easy to run, with minimal maintenance and lower costs. Not only comfortable but comfortably affordable.

With residential parks located in 21 counties throughout England and Wales, you’ll be spoilt for choice of places to live. If you’ve always longed to live in the countryside, there are parks situated within the beauty of the Lake District, nestled in the wooded hills of Surrey and Sussex, and settled in the tranquil landscape of East Anglia. If you’re the type of person that longs for a sea breeze, you’ll find coastal parks only an anchors throw from the ocean in places such as Skegness on the east coast, all the way down to glorious Devon and rugged Cornwall. Many of our parks are within easy reach of London or near big towns.


Retired Couple and Park Home

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