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Let’s answer any questions you might have about park homes

A park home is a bungalow style detached property sat within a private park home development. Park homes are built in a controlled environment, meaning they’re meticulously built to meet British Standard BS 3632. Just like all brand new homes they come with insurance backed warranties, safeguarding against any structural defects for a reassuring period of 10 years. When you choose a park home with Berkeleyparks, you can be sure that not only is the home built to a high quality but you get the protection and comfort you deserve for your new journey.
We are proud to work alongside some of the best park home manufacturers within the industry, including the likes of Manor Park Homes, Harbur and Omar Group. Working with a range of manufacturers allows us to have a full range of homes, in varying prices to suit a range of budgets. You can also design and spec your very own park home, just the way you like it!
Most customers aren’t looking for a mortgage due to downsizing, which allows you to release equity on your bricks and mortar property. To make your park home journey stress-free, we have partnered with Quickmove Properties to bring you a useful Part Exchange service for your current property. This service helps you purchase your dream new home even quicker and without the hassle of putting a house on the open market and legal fees! If you'd like more information, check out our handy guide here.
We completely understand how much having your own slice of garden paradise means to you. That's why we put in the effort to ensure that every new park home comes with its very own garden, a strongly built weatherproof shed, outside tap, outside plug socket and most plots even come with a parking spot - all just for you!
We're all about helping you create new precious memories with your friends and families, so of course visitors are always welcome! If you love looking after the grandkids for a night or two, your brand new park home is the perfect place for them to stay. Invite them round and experience your new way of life together.
As with all property, they follow the property market trends which takes into account the property value in the local area, market conditions, condition of the home, any amenities and much more. Ensuring that your home is well looked after will help it retain its value and stay competitive with the local area, should you wish to sell later on in life.
Park homes are a low maintenance property, however they do require some maintenance. A park home, if a render finish, will require painting 2 years after build, then every three years thereafter.
Visit any of our parks and you'll feel it - a true sense of community that wraps you up like a warm hug. You're in for a treat, because you'll be surrounded by neighbours who share the same ethos and values as you, and are destined to become lifelong friends. Before you know it, you'll settle into the cosy rhythm of park home living. Many of our parks have a community social clubs with regular activities where you’ll be able to meet your new neighbours and get involved in the community you’re surrounded by.

Alongside this you’ve got the great financial benefits of a smaller property that’s more economical. Your gas, electric and water costs will likely reduce as well as your council tax. A residential park offers the feeling of privacy and security too. The private estate and close-knit community will leave you feeling safe and secure.